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July 02, 2012

July 4th falls in the middle of the week this year.  Which means, either you take off the two days before, or the two days after for a long weekend! I personally think the two days after makes more sense.  You can enjoy the fireworks and your friends until the wee hours of the morning without the worry of having to get up for work!   Do you have plans on going away for a long weekend?   Here are a few bags I thought were essential!

#1  The iPad is the perfect way to stay in touch with all your social networks without having to lug your laptop along.  This envelope by Graphic Image is slim and compact and is available is so many fun colors.  I really do think I need one of these.

#2  The perfect way to carry your toiletries along without having to bring all the large bottles is this Stephanie Johnson bag.   I fill smaller containers with all sorts of items for traveling.  Who wants to take their liters on a weekend trip?

#3  The Brahmin Weekender.  It is roomy and stylish.  This white is so clean and crisp.  It is available in so many colors too.

#4  Once you arrive at your weekend destination carry this Rebecca Minkoff wallet on a chain.  It will fit nicely inside your carryon without being bulky or heavy. Keeps everything at your fingertips! 

#5  Ok, this bag has so many possibilities its ridiculous.  The Lo & Sons OG.  Overnight and Gym bag.  Not only could you use this for your weekends, but then during the week is can be utilized as a gym bag, yoga bag, change of attire from day to evening, you name it! 

#6  This fabulous little trio is speaking to me.  Blair Ritchey makes this limited edition traveling trio in two color combinations.  Another endless possibility to the uses you would get from this.  Use all three as a traveling companion, and then during the week use them in your handbag and tote.  Keep one in your desk drawer for when that cute office worker stops by!  OH wait? Did I just say that?? They also would be great for keeping your adapters tidy while in transit! I personally would carry them in my new tote I mentioned here

Ok, so there you have my packing plan. So how would you pack? 

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  1. That Lo & Sons bag is quite possibly the best thing ever.

    1. Haha! I remember seeing a picture of yours stuffed with a pineapple! I am thinking it is the best bag ever too!

  2. oh how i WISH i were going away on a mini vacay!! love the brahmin!

    1. Sandy you do love the Brahmin collection! You need to plan a staycation and buy a few bags!


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