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July 25, 2012

I am sure you have heard the saying "Have confidence in what your wearing".  Well these are all things that are currently in style and trending.  However, they are not in my comfort zone of fashion.  It is important to know what you can wear and what you can't wear.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not saying I don't like them, or that I think they are hideous.  I am simply stating they are not in my Fashion Comfort Zone.   

Lets break this down.  A peplum is super cute.  And this black number trimmed in leather? Fabulous.  Great for a business meeting, or a early dinner date.  The Jeffrey Campbell bootie, not my style, but a tall slender girl could for sure pull these off.  (I am a little short for a heavy bootie at 5'4).   Moving on to the shorts...... Crochet shorts are a wonderful way to add texture to your outfit, just make sure you don't get them caught on anything when you stand up from sitting.  It could get really drafting quickly!!   Floral shorts? not happening on me since high school, and we won't date that time!  

Wide leg pants make a lady seem tall and elegant.  They add height to you.  They elongate your leg and hide any areas of shall we say roundness in the hippish area? Sometime a brighter color on the bottom is fun!    Lastly lets talk glitter nails..... its great if you like glitter, and they are fun on some girls.  I even really like the idea of painting your nails in a bright color and then paint one in glitter.  But I am the kind of girl that would wipe that off in the first 48 hours.  Iridescent, glitter, sparkly, non of which I am highly fond of on nails!  Sorry, love my french mani! 

So with all that being said, do you have a fashion comfort zone?   Do you stay true to yourself, or let trends creep in when you know its not your style ?  It is nice to admire these fashions on others and know that it's ok every trend, color, or fashion style is not for me.  (Remember crocs) eeeeekkk! This was just a keeping it real kinda post!  

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  1. i have those crochet shorts in black! and i am looking for the perfect pair of wide leg pants!

  2. My fashion comfort zone is no where near wearing 1 color from head to toe. I have friends who pull the look off flawlessly and I cannot imagine doing so myself. I feel like I would look to bright and draw way too much attention to myself. :)

  3. Hm. There ARE things I will not wear. I'm with you on the Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I also won't wear animal prints or the mullet dresses/skirts. But, sometimes when I actually try a trend, I discover I like it. Colored jeans are an example of this.


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