The Plaza Art Fair

September 25, 2012

The Plaza Art Fair, Time Warner Cable, and Tweet and Go Seek!  What a weekend!  And in a good way!  The Plaza Art Fair was this past weekend in Kansas City.  The event is held on the Country Club Plaza and runs from Friday evening thru Sunday evening. Artist from all over the country come to this event to display, sell, and perform their talent!  There were three stages with bands, and the main stage was sponsored by Time Warner Cable.  The plaza closes down several streets for the event, and tents line the streets with artist.  Here is what I wore Friday for the event!   

 I was invited to attend a private media event along with a few other local bloggers by Time Warner Cable on Friday evening.  We were giving VIP parking passes for the entire weekend, (and if you have ever tried to park at a large event in a city, you know parking can be a nightmare) it was worth its weight in gold! We met in the private lounge area to enjoyed delicious appetizers and wine courtesy of Seasons 52.  Time Warner Cable provided free WiFi at the Plaza during the entire art fair for everyone.  There were technicians roaming all over the plaza in shirts "Free WiFi? Ask me !"  What a great service to provide to patrons. Time Warner Cable sponsored an online scavenger hunt for all art-fair goers this year with "Tweet and Go Seek".   So now I have told you a little about the Plaza art Fair, and the Wonderful Time Warner Cable free WiFi, but you haven't heard about the Tweet and Go Seek yet!  

Here are some of the girls as everyone was arriving and some of the yummy deserts and appetizers courtesy of Seasons 52

The lounge was set up with white couches, lovely flowers, and goodie bags.  We even received a set of wine glasses from Seasons 52.  Thanks !! 

 Time Warner Cable invited art fair goers to compete for Plaza gift certificates by playing Tweet and Go Seek.  I was so excited to play.  I love a scavenger hunt!  There were 100 tiles hidden in public places all over the plaza and they would tweet you a clue and a picture. You could play by following @tweetandgoseek, and @TWCable_KC for clues.   You had to know the plaza to find the tile!  I told Erin we should play just to see what it was about. And did we ever play!  We were running all over the plaza, and in skirts the first night!  (good thing we packed flats in our bags)   Erin and I played until the art fair closed on Friday night at midnight, then back at it at noon on Saturday.  We were hooked!  The tiles could be redeemed at the Time Warner Cable booth for the dollar amount printed on the back!  We would patiently wait, okay impatiently wait for a new tweet to come in and we would quickly assess where we needed to be and take off thru the crowd!  We were weaving thru the crowd like a crowded high school hall!  

Erin and I both had wondered who exactly was this "Tweet and Go Seek"?  And what did they look like?  Was it a single person, a bunch of girls, or a bunch of guys?  Were they watching us find tiles?  We were about to find out!  

After several hours of playing Saturday afternoon a tweet came in and we were close!  We took off after the tile, I saw it still waiting to be found and I speed walked my way up the sidewalk to grab it.  I was a bit nervous as I got closer as there were three guys leaning very close to the tile with their backs somewhat to it! I was afraid they might be playing too!  I grabbed the tile and in that exact moment I knew I found my "Tweet and Go Seek" guys!!!  BUSTED!  I said!  They tried to act cool about it, but when I pressed them for why they had tiles in their hand, a nice camera, and a laptop, he said they were playing too, I just wasn't buying it!!  Erin and I introduced our twitter names to them, and they immediately smiled and said "Ahhh, Nice to finally meet you".  You see, we had been tweeting them as the game went along telling them we were playing and loving the game.  We chatted with them on the sidewalk for some time, and they interviewed us for their website as testimonies for what fun it was to play!  Of course, we are bloggers, and what do bloggers do?  We take pictures!  We asked to take their picture and they agreed.  We promised to not reveal their identity until the game was over.  But sometimes................ its better to not share everything you know!  

This is a typical sighting of a tile we found!  Here we are in our Saturday game outfits, the necessary items needed for the game was my Blair Ritchey mini lulu with my wristlet so I could dart thru the crowd, and if you can spot these guys at their next event you will know you found them too!!!  Oh and about those tiles,  Here is our stack!!! 

I will be putting my gift cards towards something fabulous!  Thanks Time Warner Cable, Country Club Plaza, and Tweet and Go Seek!  It was the best art fair ever! 

All photos by Lisa 

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  1. Great post! Jamie looks cute and I have my eyes closed. We aren't ever on the same schedule! Ha.

    1. It is hard to get everyone looking good at the same time! It was great seeing you all again!

  2. That sounds like fun, I wish I could have made it to that one! You all look fabulous, and I'm loving these awesome outfit photos Lisa! You're getting to be a pro :)
    Hopefully there will be another meetup soon, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!

    1. Thanks Shea, A pro is a far stretch though!! Ha! Hope to see you soon.

  3. wow, this looks like so much fun! how cool that you got to meet other bloggers in person, i have to put that on my to-do list!
    ps. i love your polka dot sweater :)



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