Happy Halloween

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to all the moms who stay up late finishing the costumes for their goblins!  I have to say,  It is a little sad that my boys are to old to dress up and trick or treat.  Although my 16 year old thinks he is going to score a mother load of candy tonight!  Ha!  I remember making spider costumes, peter pan, for two years in a row, and the every simple but dumb costume scream the boys loved.  we were football players, pirates, and my oldest was even an army soldier one year!  Imagine that!  I  use to  go thru the candy, (you know, for safety reasons) and sort out all my favorites!  Banana laffy taffys among the top picks for me!  Then put it in a bowl for each of them and place on the counter and try my best to ration it out!  

Yes, I am sad those days are over, but at the same time,  I'm glad I don't have to walk the streets tonight either!  On a side note, I won't even be handing out candy tonight, The BF was put in the hospital yesterday, apparently the pneumonia is stubborn and won't go away! 

What are your goblins dressing up as tonight?

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