The fur Vest

October 18, 2012

Ok, Let me start by saying I like the fur vest.  I think it adds great texture and depth to your outfit.  You can really dress it up or down.  I could see this with a t-shirt and jeans and heels, tights boots and cute shirt, and all the way to belted with a dress.   The three in the top row really have great visual texture, but what is bad for me is the length of the vest.  It would hit right at the top of my hips and cut me off appearing even shorter than I am.  But the bottom row has just enough added length to fall below the hips and carry the eye down to elongate the body.  I love the bottom row middle vest.  I could see myself putting it to good use. It gets pretty cold and windy in Kansas.

What do you think about the whole fur vest?  Is it too trendy? Would I look like a wooly mammoth in the midwest?  I just can't decide if it is for me.
Top row~Madewell   Michael Kors   H&M  Bottom Row~ Calypso St Barth  DKNY   Calypso St Barth

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  1. Hi Lisa, I really like the longer fur vests. They are a lot more versatile. In fact I have a fur jacket I am thinking of having the sleeves taken off and redone into a vest...will have to check the cost!

    2012 Artists Series

  2. YES! love my fur vest! can't wait to wear it this season! :)

    Sandy a la Mode


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