Cozy Sweater

December 05, 2012

I purchased this cozy sweater this season and love it!  It is so versatile.  The BF and I spent an afternoon on The Plaza and it was a perfect afternoon of errands, shopping, and a little latte! The weather is still warm and I can't decide if I am ready for full on winter or not.  I bet as soon as it turns cold I will be ready!  Colder weather and snow always seems so festive and who wouldn't just love a white christmas.  It actually snowed on christmas eve here about three years ago and and we accumulated several inches.  That was the perfect way to wake up on christmas morn!  Are you ready for snow? That is, if you haven't already had your first snow fall of the season!

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  1. look at you and the outfit pics!! love this! :)

  2. Love the pics Lisa! I am definitely ready for some snow :) It's still like 70-80 here in Atlanta! Shopping and a latte sound like a fun afternoon to me!


    1. Thanks Lyndsey, but I am not ready for snow, just a little colder weather, perfect to shop in! Have a great day!


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