A Moment of No Power

February 26, 2013

Soooo, it snowed again last night, and is  still snowing this morning.  The kids came out to be snowed in with us, so it is nice having them here.  This snow is not like last weeks.  It is very wet, heavy, and many of my bushes and trees are sadly drooping from the weight on them.  The wind is blowing strong, and that is making the snow stick to everything.  There are already piles plowed as high as 4-6 feet already off the streets.  I am not sure where all this will go!

We woke to the sound of freezing rain and ice hitting the house and gust of winds.  Shortly after, a few distant hums and BAM! the power was gone.  I laid there for a while listening to the smoke detectors all let out a beep to warn me that they were on backup power.  I got up, and was met by Anna who didn't want the beeping to wake the baby.  Of all the things that we could have thought of, the first thing that came to mind was how in the world were we going to make coffee!  

We realized it was going to get cold fast, so back under the covers we went.  I am sure we both had concerns.  How was I going to keep all 5 of us plus a baby warm all day?  We were stuck home!  After an hour of planning, I got up again to every one asleep still, but Anna.  Tricky girls we are, decided we would boil water and steep the coffee!  We woke the boys, and told them to bundle up to keep their warmth.  Don't play on your phones, it may be all you have when it gets boring and late!  We lite the fireplace, the men stared out the windows analyzing the situation,  and I proceeded to boil water.  We were getting our survival plan ready!  And then there was power!   Whew......

Now, as you giggle at the absurdity of this story from my morning, keep in mind this "drama" all happened in sight of about 1.5 hours!  The power is on, the house is warm, and our coffee fix has been successful!  My driveway has been shoveled for the first time of the day, and all is well with the world, that is, until the power goes again! 

Have a happy day and stay warm were ever you are today! 

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  1. Hi Lisa, we are so much alike! I would wonderful how I was going to have my morning coffee as well! No power outage here in Leawood, just lots of snow and cold!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena


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