Four Favorites|| Week 7

February 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday my lovelies!!  This weeks four favorites are really a few things I am debating very seriously weather to purchase or not!  I have been having a love affair with graphic tees and sweatshirts lately.  This ILY Couture is no exception.  I have to admit, I love wearing a sweatshirt and they are comfy, and can be super cute if you style it with a few bling accessories and a pair of heels!  I dress business casual during the week, and we do not have any dress down days at my office, so when the evening roles arounds, or the weekend arrives, I am ready to get casual.  I like the green color block sweater for that reason exactly.  I can dress it up for the office with slacks, while being comfy, but throw it on with a pair of jeans, and it is a great weekend sweater too!  I really do try to go with versatile pieces!  

So remember when I went shoe shopping last weekend and picked up a few pair of shoes? Well, no trip is complete at Nordstrom without a trip around the accessories!  I almost always stop at the sunglasses counter just to see what styles are new.  I have a really hard time finding sunglasses to fit my face, so when I find a pair that looks good I generally buy them on the spot! So here's the deal, the BF said he would but me the pair of Tom Fords if thats what I want, or, ....yes there is an or,.... the Bamboo tablet.  Now I have done a little research on tablets, and I really think I would use this a lot and love every minute of it!  I use photoshop quite a bit and this would be a nice addition to that program!  So here is where the decision comes in, do I want the glasses or the tablet?  What would you do?  I really can't decide! I want them both! 

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  1. That sweatshirt is adorable! I think you should get it :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. so into graphic tees + sweat shirts currently & you MUST get the tablet, amazingly fun! love you & thanks for linking up xo

  3. totally love that sweatshirt! I don't have a bamboo tablet, but i've heard so many great things about them & really want one!

  4. Love the Sweatshirt !!!


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