Random Thursday

April 11, 2013

Today is a random day.  You see, I spent the better part of last night at the Apple store trying to figure out why my laptop was telling me it was almost at capacity!  What? That can't be possible!  Gotta love the genius bar!  The guys there were so sweet, and helpful.  Come to find out..... A) I have tons of photos in my library, (I have already dumped over 3K) and B) I need to empty ALL my recycle bins on the computer, not just one!  I was convinced my sons (one particular who will remain nameless) had gotten on it and downloaded a bunch of  *stuff* ie: music videos, youtubes, and pranks, not to mention, music I do not listen too!  Gladly I was wrong!  Whew!! It was time well spent!  I have been working on my laptop more this week rather than my IMac, because somehow, I have strained my back over the weekend and I am laying on a  heating pad at night trying to get some relief. I am hoping to be back on my feet more by this weekend! It's not too terrible, but just enough to nag at me all day. 

After my appointment, I had a little time to kill and I picked up a new one of these.  The sale clerk convinced me to switch up the color to a softer shade... I think I may like it!

I wanted to shop here and pick up these, but sadly they were already closed!  Maybe I will make it back this weekend. 

Yesterday was a happy mail day too!  You may have seen this on instagram last night if you follow me... you do right? What's inside is even more exciting!

Don't forget, today is the last day to enter this giveaway for a darling sweater!

I have been working on several great collaborations coming your way soon!  I truly love blogging, and all the many friends I have made along the way.  I appreciate all of you that read, follow, comment, and tweet with me!  Sharing our moments of excitement thru our instagram pics, and reaching out when someone needs a "atta girl" is what it's all about.  Thanks for being my friends!  I appreciate you!

On a completely different note, the BF is convinced I have too much baby stuff at our house.  I added a little tykes climb and slide playset this weekend to the garage for outside, along with having a swing hung in the garage, and my rocker that I used for all my boys when they were babies, made it out of storage and into the great room!  I was feeling pretty good about it all, until last night he called me out on it! I better give a little extra love and attention to him so he doesn't competely freak when he finds out I want a wagon too!!  It really is starting to look like kids lives at my house!  Funy how that happens!!  The other two grandbabies will be in Kansas so soon, and Mimi's house will be ready, toys, swings, and rocker!!  That's all I am going to say about that!!!!

What does your Thursday look like? 


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