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April 18, 2013

Words.  Words on paper.  Thoughts, sentiments, and sentences perfectly formed to express your feelings.   It doesn't matter if you send or receive a handwritten note, it has the same warm feeling!  I have an assortment of note cards and stationary, and I am always drawn to stationary stores.  I wander the selections, dreaming of party ideas just so I have a reason to buy that invitation.  I can spend hours shopping the many styles of fonts, and papers for a new personalized stationary to add to my drawer.  Some of my most tender and touching sentments get sent to the person I care about in a handwritten note. 

Pink Four Stripes  // Sunnies card // Assortment // Blue Glitter // Ikat  // Chevron Flat card /  Monogram floral Note //  Confetti  //  Arrow notes // Wintergreen Chevron

I remember many years ago, right after I started the divorce process, I was flying to KC to visit my bestie, and as I opened the tray table to jot a quick thank you note with a gift I was bringing her, I begin to write, and write, and write.  I had a flood of emotions and she was my rock thru this trying time for me.  I remember crying as I wrote the note, and feeling a bit silly as the person next to me realized my own note teared me up.  But what I won't ever forget, is the feeling it brought to her.  She teared up as she read the note, and it touched us both at that moment.  A moment that stays with us both.  She was never good at writing her feelings on paper, but she got better as the years went by, and knowing what they always meant to her, she was able to start using her words on paper.

I have always written words of encouragement in the cards to my sons.  Sometimes, they thought I was silly, and other times it teared them up too!  Words from the heart have a profound pull on you.  They touch you, and leave a mark on you.  My middle son is not good with his words. He doesn't like to express himself vocally with emotions.  But every Mother's Day, Birthday, and Christmas, I always get a card full of his words.  Words that touch my heart, and fill my soul with his love.  I taught him well!

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  1. I have a stationary problem! I can't say no :) Wax seals have always been one of my favorite things. Such a personal way to show how much you care! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous items!




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