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May 01, 2013

Jack Rogers    Polish     Shorts    Case

Summer felt like it arrived this week, but we all know its a big joke!  Yesteray it was 81 and I have a beautiful bit of color on my shoulders and back from being out in it, but tomorrow is calling for 40 and rain/snow! Snow?  What a mess!  I have dugout box seats to the Royals game tomorrow and this is not how I expected to attend the game.   Oy!

Super tired today from the Fleetwood Mac concert last night, they came back on stage three times, and I didn't get to bed until after 1am!  But it was soo good! 

This weeks favorites are all about the anticiation for summer to arrive! Did you know you can customize your Jack's now?  How cool is that!  I obviously made mine pink and silver!  My favorite Essie polish right now is Mint Candy apple, and I might not change it for a while!  The checkered phone case reminds me of summer picnics, and these color block shorts are super cute!

Come on summertime! well, at least some summertime temperatures!


Linking up today, check out the girls four favorites too!

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  1. You are having some craaazy temp swings over there! Love that mint polish, I have a Sally Hansen one that I wear frequently in the spring.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Love mint polish, it's the perfect shade for spring and summer!

    <3 Amanda
    A Good Hue

  3. LOVE that Essie color!!! Need it!


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