Weekend recap

May 06, 2013

What. A. Weekend!!!  It came in with a roar, and settled down by Sunday, but boy did it do a number on me!  

Friday evening started out with a bang.  We were home most of the evening,  and about a quarter to 9 I had to leave to pick my youngest up from work.  The BF wanted to ride with me since it was dark, cold and raining.  The temperature was around 38, and the rain was a heavy mist.  You will need those details in a little bit as the story unfolds.  

We drove to pick him up, and returned home to our neighborhood. Total time gone=30 minutes.  I turned the corner on the adjacent street towards my street to a sea of lights.  I realized it was my street all lite up.  

The top picture is what I saw as I turned the street, and the bottom photo is looking back down the street from my house.  My heart was panicked as all I could think of was that could be my house.  The police had the street blocked and I could not turn down and as he instructed me to park on the side street, I looked down past him and saw a two story house, on my side of the street, and smoke billowing out of it.  I freaked! 

My son jumped out, and cut between houses to make sure it wasn't ours.  It was the house one over from mine.  Whew!  I have never been so grateful, and sad at the same time.   The street was lined with neighbors, and bustling with firefighters.  Remember when I said it was cold and rainy?  That made it seem even worse to be out in the cold rain, and we had to walk/run down the street to get home. 

The rest of the weekend had it's events, but I will only share the good highlights, like dinner with the BF at one of our fave restaurants, enjoying cocktails for Cinco De Mayo with a blood orange Cosmo. I was even lucky enough to score the recipe to this drink, so I will be making these plenty this summer!  Good news for this Mimi, the grand kids have officially left Texas, and officially Kansas bound!  I am excited to have them 2 hours away finally.  They can start having weekends with my like another little fella who turns 8 months old today!  Wow!  Where does the time go? His basket of toys at my house is growing, and a gate for the stairs has officially gone up!

Oh, and the fabric I shared last weekend for the den/office? I started sewing on the pillows and am too excited to finally show the entire room!  It has been a long process it seems to finally feel like it is pulled together.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Oh Lisa how scary. Are your neighbors okay?
    My granddaughter Isabella spent the weekend with me and we went to the Brookside Art Fair, it was freezing, drizzling, unreal!
    Love your fabrics, do you mind telling me where you go to shop for them or are you using a designer?

    Art by Karena

    1. I bet it was cold at the art fair. I usually get my fabrics fom Calico Corners, and I also like the selection at JoAnns most of the time!

  2. Thank god it wasn't your house on fire! Not that long ago there was a house on fire on the next block from my building...thankfully no one was living in it!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. I was relieved when Isaw it wasn't mine for sure. The dad was burned a little, but only on the arms.


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