Lucite Love

December 10, 2013

Lucite.  Simple, classic, and yet making a statement in the most subtle of ways.


So this little number arrived a few weeks ago at my house.  I won it actually!  Birdaria is one of my favorites with their mantra prints and artwork.  I have long wanted a Lucite tray for my home, so when I received the email that I won a custom Lucite tray I was super excited. I knew pink would be involved too!

What I didn't know was the sweet little surprise they had in store for me!  I was touched and thrilled at the same time to turn the monogram over to reveal my logo.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a sweet touch, and a perfect way to utilize my tray in more than one space!

I haven't decided what I will use my tray for, I know several people use theirs on their bar carts, but when you have teenager's in your home, a bar cart isn't a reality, rather a temptation.  Whatever I decide, it will be fabulous!! 

What would you use the tray for? Give me some ideas please!

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  1. Yes, yes! Love all of these...especially the chair. So gorgeous.
    Re: the tray...I love what you've done + I think it would look great as a letter tray, with an opener on it...


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