Fresh Winter Wreaths

December 21, 2015

Happy Monday!  Notice anything different around here?  I am beyond excited to finally be sharing my brand new shiny blog design and logo.(Insert happy dance) Ashley and I have been working for months on this and I love how it all came together.  One of the biggest changes beside the logo is I corrected the spelling of my blog name.  Now don't worry if you think this change will affect you if you follow by email. You can still search for the old spelling and it will redirect you here.   Everything including emails will all switch over until you get use to the new spelling.  We are still tweaking a few minor things but that should all be done this week.  So what do you think?  Leave me some feedback in the comments and share what you think.   So on to what else I have been up to..... 

Erin and I had the pleasure of attending a hands on Bloom Academy wreath class taught by Emily, another founder of The Blog Guild.  It was an evening filled with a wonderland of greenery and luscious scents of fir and Christmas in the air.  There may have been some laughter as well. 


The evening began with light bites and pretty drinks.  We mingled with the other ladies and took in all the pretty florals we were about to dive into.  I shared my experience with working with Emily and The Bloom Academy here, but this class was new to me. I have had the pleasure of enjoying gorgeous floral arrangements by The Bloom Academy at several events I have attended.





Once she finished her presentation and tutorial she set us loose to create our one of a kind designs. 


If you love fresh flowers as much as I do then trust me when I say.... you need to sign up for one of her classes.  She guides you step by step through the process and invites your individual flare and taste to help you create your one of a kind arrangement.  Her tips and tricks to a successful arrangement are easy to understand and I would share them with you...... but them you wouldn't get the same experience I had at my class.  Watch her website for her list of classes and sign up.  They fill up pretty fast so keep an eye out.   Here are some images from our wonderful evening.



That's me on the left and Erin on the right! We both loved how our wreaths turned out! 


Photos 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 all courtesy of the talented Morgan Miller Photography.  All other images mine. 

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    1. Meg you need to sign up for one of her classes. They are so fun and rewarding. Happy Holidays. xo


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