40 Days.....

February 22, 2012

Today marks the beginning of lent.  I read someone’s twitter this morning that I thought was very fitting for the day.
“Now remember, if you say you’re giving something up for lent but you’re actually doing it to lose weight, baby Jesus will do crying”.    Not too sure about the crying part, but you get the point I hope. 
In the past I have given up something that was challenging.  (Cookies generally are my downfall and those darling little girl scouts are out selling the heck out of the cookies in my neighborhood).  Last year was cursing.  That lasted all of about a day!  So I started thinking about what would truly be a sacrifice.  We recently have been eating out. A LOT!  I complained last week to the bf that I was tired of not having a meal plan anymore and we have gotten away from cooking meals. I enjoy cooking as long as I have appreciative eaters!  He is a great prep in the kitchen and we enjoy the time together.   EUREKA!!  I found it!  We will give up eating out for lent……
Now mind you this came with a little resistance.  (He told me I wasn’t the boss of him) Right, but he pondered for just a bit and realized this had many benefits.  1.  Healthy eating    2.  Savings, and     3.  Meal plans!
So starting today and for the next 40 days we will not eat out.  I wasn’t completely prepared for the new plan so I will be grocery shopping tonight on my way home.  I set out pork for dinner and my plan is to lightly bread them in panko crumbs and bake them.  Maybe even some steamed vegies!  I’ll let you know how this goes!!  Oh, and by the way, if I do lose some weight along the way it couldn’t hurt!


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