February 29, 2012

 I know I am a little late on my weekend recap but I think it was worth the wait.  What a hectic week and weekend it has been for me the past two weeks.  I have worked over 60 hours a week for the past two weeks and going nonstop the entire weekend.  I was able to slip away to the mall for a long overdue shoe buying trip and found a few that I had to bring home with me!  

My weekend consisted of enjoying the festivities of a birthday party, did grocery shopping for the week (see this post), brought home fresh flowers for my entry, and shoe shopping!  I have been cooking, and so far we have not  missed the eating out!  7 days down, 33 more to go!

I tried on what seems to be tons of shoes, but in the end I narrowed it down to four.  I love the shoes I picked out. 

I love having fresh flowers for the house.

 So here is a little recap on my meals, with the exception of the bottom pic which was from the birthday party...... just in case someone wanted to call me out on the slice of pizza!!!

Some of the shoes I tried on.  And yes that is my flip flop in the right corner.  There is no snow on the ground!!

And these Uggs? I love them.  Check out the lacing up the back.  They are light, thin and the sole is not as thick and heavy as a winter Ugg.  They are definitely a spring boot (if there is such thing).  I don't think I could justify them.  But I can wish.

These beauties could very well make it to my closet!

So I ended up with two flats, one pair being the TOMS, and two sandals with a little bit of a wedge heel.  I love all my new shoes. Now I need to break them all in! 

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