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February 23, 2012

Fruity or woodsy?  Citrus or spice?  There are so many good choices of fragrances its hard to pick just one.  I wore the same scent for many years until recently.  I was on vacation in Naples on a girls trip and while shopping in Saks I asked for a sample of the most popular fragrance at the Jo Malone counter.  What attracted me to the counter was their display of scents.  SO many!  I went home with 6 samples.  I was in love with a new fragrance.  The next day after the beach the girls and I went shopping again (I know, I know shopping again?)  I had narrowed down the samples to two favorites.  I wanted to wear the scent for a few days and have my guy smell it on me before making the purchase.  Little did I know that you could not buy the perfume in my city, or for that matter the whole state. 

I flew home and he loved them as much as I did.  I decided that if I was going to order the fragrance from out of state I would order from a address with some status!!  Madison Avenue store in NYC.  I have been ordering from them now for several years and they are always so sweet and fast in getting my shipment to me.  They wrap your bottles in pale yellow boxes tied with black grosgrain ribbon. It is always a treat to open the box.   My original two favorites have grown to 6.  They discontinued one of my original favorites as it was limited edition.  If you have the chance to stop by a Jo Malone counter ask for a sample.  I promise you won't be disappointed. I know this sounds like a promotion for Jo Malone But it is strickly my personal opinion.

These are wonderful fragrances as well.  I have worn all of these but the Prada. The Gucci is a great winter fragrance as it is a tad heavy on me.   I really like the Trish Mc Evoy for the summer.  What are some of your favorite fragrances?  Do you wear the same all year round or do you change with the seasons?  I would love to hear your favorites.


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