Election Day

November 06, 2012

Today is the day some of us have been waiting for, and some dreading.  Its election day!!  I remember the first president I voted for.  I was so excited the moment I cast my ballot, and proud to be an American.  I am not going to talk politics, but I will say, please go out and exercise your right to vote today!  I know I will!  

But more importantly to me, today is my guy's birthday!  Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner, shopping buddy, biggest supporter, soft shoulder, confidant, and all around great guy!  We will spend some of the day together doing what you do with your best friend, standing in line to vote!!   1.4.3
Photo by Lisa

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  1. Happy birthday to your man! Going out in a bit to vote :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Lisa a very Happy Birthday to your guy!!

    Oh indeed I sincerely hope that more Americans went out to vote!

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