Jean Vest

November 05, 2012

Vest thrifted, striped shirt old, jeans Joes Jeans, shoes Tory Burch, bag Louis Vuitton, watch Michele, leather bracelet  and white tube bracelet here, skull and love bangle Claudia Rowe c/o, pearls old, monogram necklace gift from the BF

Happy Monday!  I had a list of errands for Saturday and the weather was perfect for this jean vest!  It is an old Levi's jacket that my son cut the arms off of to make a vest.  He found it in a pile of clothes in a friend's garage they were getting rid of and she gave it to him.  So, I would clearly classify it as vintage and thrifted!!  Now if he could just find a bag of vintage Chanel I would be super happy!

 I have to say it was pretty fun to sport around town on Saturday.  I don't think I would ever cut the arms off of any of my jackets, but hey.... its not mine!  I just get to wear it and..... I may just keep it!  
How was your weekend?

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  1. I love it Lisa!! Its such a fun element to this pretty, classic look. You should keep it :)

    1. Thanks Shea. I have a couple of fun ideas to style it up so I think I may keep it! And I have missed you the last couple of months. Hope to see you this week!


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