Styling My Michele Watch

November 15, 2012

I need a favor.  Not just any favor, but a minute of your time kinda favor.  If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know I love my Michele Watch.  My BF gave it to me for our first christmas together, and I cherish it!  I have styled it here, here, and here along with several other outfit post and arm party post!   Michele Watches on Facebook  is having a contest this week and I entered for a chance to win this beautiful limited edition watch. 

Isn't it pretty?   I know you all understand the thrill of entering a giveaway because I host one almost every week!  I know its Thursday, and Your probably wondering why I didn't ask on Monday?   To be honest, I didn't know if it was right to ask you all, but then I got to thinking about it and I know that if I read a post on a blog I follow and she asked me to help her out, I for sure would do it!  So there you have it!   

So here is where I need a favor from you!  Please follow this link to facebook and vote for my pics to hopefully win!  The picture with the most "likes" wins!!  You can vote every day too!! And while your there your more than welcome to friend request me too!  

Here are the deets to make it as easy as possible for you to help me out!! Go to the Michele Watches page on Facebook, like their page, then click on the link to the How do you wear your Michele.  I am on page three.  My name is under all three pics, you can vote for all three, and you get a sneak peek at a few outfit post I haven't published yet!  I would really appreciate your help and wish me luck to win!  Just imagine all the outfit post I could do with this lovely addition!!  Fingers crossed!! 

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