A Weekend of Sorrow

March 11, 2013

Happy Monday!  I am writing this late on Sunday night after a very long weekend.  I. Am. Tired.  I took a road trip south again this past weekend to Tulsa, but this time it was not for the same reasons as last weekend.   My ex mother in law passed away last week, and her funeral was Saturday. I always got along with her, and even when times were rough between my ex hubby and I , she was always very cordial.  When my ex husband died almost three years ago, She and I had a long conversation about how important is was for me to make sure my boys still knew their fathers side of the family.  With him no longer around, it was up to me to keep the connection, and the traditions alive in all their hearts.  I would like to say that she and I actually got along very well in the last three years since his passing.  It was a quiet understanding.  We loved the same man once upon a time, and the untimely death leaving these boys heartbroken, broke both our hearts.  It was sort of a bond I guess.  

It was hard once again for me to accompany my children to a funeral with their family.  No longer my family, as I had divorced their father 12 years earlier, everyone was very nice to me, and glad to see me again.  The last time I had seen most of these people was three years ago at my ex husband's funeral.  I really hope I am done with funerals and his family for a long while! 

My boy's had grown closer to their Granny since their dad's passing.  I think they all needed each other to act as reminders of him.  My middle son is a spitting image of his father, and my youngest is a sponge trying to know a man that he is piecing together by small memories and stories from the family. I can't help but cry as I type these words, as it hurts to see my son struggle to know a man who is gone and can't show him the way. The boys were strong, mature, and oh so handsome Saturday.  Their Granny would have been proud of them! 

I know this is not a typical post for me, but I just had a heavy heart this weekend, and it feels good to share it and lift off of me.  A few of the happier highlights of the weekend however were  got to see the other grand babies again, and spend some fun time playing with them, had a great visit with my Brother and sis in law,  and of course always a great thing when you can spend time with your mom! I stopped by my favorite bakery, Merritts Bakery to pick up some treats for the car ride home.  My favorite from there is the napoleon and they only had one left.  I had promised the BF I would bring him one home from there, as he loves the bakery too.  It was all I could do not to rip into that sweet layer upon layer of goodness, but I was good and delivered a completely intact pastry!   I swear I ate my weight in other sweets this weekend!  Ahhhhhh..... gotta love stress and grief!  How was your weekend?  Did you remember to set all your clocks ahead, or are you running late today and tired?   

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  1. So sorry, Lisa. This is a nice tribute to them both.

  2. That has to be really hard on your boys to go through two big losses in a short period of time but I'm sure your love and support is helping them through it.

    The Tiny Heart


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