My Weekend

March 18, 2013

It's Monday........ and it is still cold here in Kansas.  Spring break is this week and we have snow flurries and cold weather in the forcast for this week.  Yuck!  Last Friday was a tease with sunny skies, and 76 degrees!  Oh please spring, won't you just arrive? 

My weekend was pretty productive.  I try to stay pretty social media free on the weekends, to relax, and be present in my life!  Life is happening for me right now, and I am really putting my mind to work on keeping a balance.  What works for me, is to unplug on the weekends from all the social aspects of my life.  That doesn't mean you may not capture some of it on instagram! 

Saturday afternoon we went to the Plaza for lunch and shopping.  I wore this camo and striped combo much to the BF and my son's raised eyebrows at the outfit!  I loved it!  Saturday evening we watched some great KU basketball and them winning!  Woohoo!  A few of my shopping purchases, and I finally found the perfect pink gingham shirt, and of course, sported my green, and my team pride on Sunday! 

What did you do this weekend?

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