Organizing your House Colors

March 14, 2013

I am sharing a  simple and easy DIY today.  I keep a master book of colors binder for my house.  It has a different slotted page for each room in the house.  I realized a few years back, that keeping track of your house paint colors, and fabric swatches needed to be better centralized.  I use to keep them clipped together in a drawer.  I always knew where it was, and could always put my hands on it if I needed it.  But it just didn't seem, well, organized enough for me. 

It really is pretty simple to make, and I think you will be glad you have it all in one place.  It also is handy to have as you make a trip to your home improvement store and all your swatches are at your finger tips.

Here is all you need for this little project

Three ring binder
Slotted pocket pages
Label maker, or you can hand write on the pages if you don't own one,
and all your paint colors, fabric swatches, and wall paper samples

I sorted my pages by rooms, however, I grouped the bathrooms as one, and made one pocket page for trim and any special decor you may have.  Such as when I painted the union jack here!  Each bedroom has a pocket page, as well as the great room, office and den, and kitchen.

I even created a page for ideas!!  That way I have them handy when I am out!  Something I learned when having a custom paint mixed, have the clerk print you off a duplicate mixology formula.  No two mixes are identical without this exact formula.  Think of it as dye lots when you purchase fabric.  No two lots are the same either! I then adhere the extra formula on the page!  

A quick, simply and effective way to keep your colors organized!  Hope this helps! 
Happy decorating!

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  1. For paint colors, I am not confident using a store chip. The best thing is to use the paint stir stick or tongue depressor or popsicle stick, something wooden, and then write the color on it. I can hold up my stir stick to a fabric and know immediately. If it's too large for your book, just break off the extra. And yes, when the store will give you those mix stickers, those are golden.

    1. I love your idea of a paint stick. Thanks for sharing. I will be doing this on my next painting project!


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