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September 25, 2013

Crisp morning air, early sunsets, and leaves falling all are signs that fall is upon us.  I am giddy with excitement for all that this season brings.  I have pumpkins on my table all ready, (can't wait to share these with you) and believe it or not, I have a start on holiday shopping. 
I am loving this weeks four faves.  I am in need of some new booties, and I really think I may go with a wedge this year.  I am looking forward to dark toes, and layering up scarves with chunky sweaters.  Oh, and this clutch?  L.O.V.E!!

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  1. dark polish is one of my most favorite things. ever.

    1. My toes are officially dark right now! I can't wait to see your dark polish, and hope you are doing so much better! I have missed you. Email me if you ever need to chat, vent or rejoice my dear!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I really do love the clutch, and already have dark polish on!

  3. Booties are a total must for fall, loving those nail polish shades!

  4. Oh for sure, new booties are on my list!


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