Monday Blues

September 09, 2013

After enjoying a three day weekend last week, I was not looking forward to today.  I think every weekend should be three days!  Oh well, Happy Monday anyway!  How was your weekend?  As the summer is winding down do you find yourself wishing for cooler weather yet, or still holding on to every last bit of heat and sunshine?  The weather is still roasting hot here, and it would be nice for at least some low 80's.  Oh Well!
So, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my youngest grandson's first birthday was Friday!

He had such an amazing little party with so many presents! I think there was a little bit of over stimulation going on, but he had no problem smashing his cake and eating it!  Pictures soon!

Saturday was a great mail day!  I received this Rustic Cuff leather monogram cuff and love it!  I think it has a bit more casual feel than some of my other cuffs and I am looking forward to wearing it a lot this fall!  Have you heard of Cathryn Ann  yet?  Well, you should definitely check her out.  She sent me these two tassel bracelets, of course in light pink and white, and I'm super excited to share these in an outfit post!

My parents were in town for the weekend, and Saturday we had a few errands to run, so I added to my list a stop by Kohl's and target!  Yes, I picked up not one, but two, of these rhinestone studded collar blouses! They are on sale too!   I am leery of button blouses, but these have stretch!  Win for me!  Can't wait to wear them!  Target is my go to for cotton v neck tee's and a few stripes made it home as well!

I was exhausted by the time Sunday evening rolled around and my parents left.  The heat zapped my energy, and all I wanted to so was catch a little TV, and relax. Here is hoping for a mild Monday, and a calm and steady week! 

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