My Mother's Garden

September 03, 2013

My mother has always had a green thumb.  I swear she could take the deadest plant and not only give it life, but it will thrive like never before.  I remember growing up we had a huge garden full of vegetables, and there was always plenty.  My mom had flower gardens tucked in corners of the yard, and a rose garden smack dab in the center of the side yard.  It was gorgeous.  My father had a greenhouse built for her right next to the rose garden and you would always find her tending to her plants, flowers, and almost always a new clipping of something she brought home she was rooting.  

My parent moved from my childhood home a little over ten years ago.  They no longer needed so many bedrooms, stairs, or acres. We had 5 acres!  It was sad to have them leave the only home I every knew, and I really didn't quite know if I could connect to a new house.  They had a new pond built with a wonderful waterfall again, and dad had a smaller greenhouse built next to the house for her, and flowers, plants, and a few vegetables once again adorn my parents yard. 

I really can't believe I questioned this.  My mother once again has made a wonderful yard, and home.  Her koi pond, greenhouse, and little menageries around her yard invite you to enjoy the peacefulness.  I love her yard, and want to share some of it with you! 

See the net covering the pond?  That is to keep the red hawk that sits on the trellis beside the pond from a swoop and snatch of her beautiful koi! 

These days her greenhouse is full of orchids.  Every color, size, shape, and variety! 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    Your Mother sounds as wonderful as you are. Thank you so much for sharing their little slice of heaven I love, love orchids. One can see how much she enjoys her garden and greenhouse!

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  2. What beautiful orchids.

  3. Such a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing!



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