Four Favorites

May 27, 2014

Happy Wednesday friends!  I was missing yesterday but I'm back today with my four favorites.  A couple of colorful things have caught my eye and this maxi dress is one of them.  I love love love the colors in it and the design would be so slimming.  Speaking of slimming…. pools are open and than means cute bikinis!  This darling terry bag would be perfect to keep in you beach bag to contain your wet suit for a) the drive home so you don't have to sit on a towel, or b) you are headed out for a while and don't want to be wet all day in your suit.  Love all the colors to choose from too.   

How many times have you sucked pulp thru your straw from fruit in your water? I know I have and the first thing you want to do is spit!  Ummmm….. hello? That's not so lady like!!  This Citric Zinger  allows you to press lemons, limes, and even clementines directly into your water.  An all natural free of sugar drink .  Pretty cool huh?   

Ok…. This wedge is fab…u…lous!!!  Nuff said. 

 Oh, and I am glad to be back!  I missed you after the long weekend! Don't forget I am linking up today here, here, and here

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  1. I love that the bag says "Wet Bikini Bag" that is adorable.

  2. I NEED that wet bikini bag! So, so great.


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