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May 01, 2014

So before I get to the real bones of this post… let me share a little something with you I just learned.  Beauty Brands has changed… and it's a great change!!  I have shopped at Beauty Brands for years. Even before moving to Kansas I would pick up my beauty needs on the weekends I visited KC.   I recently purchased a new flat iron as mine finally after 12 years had enough.  I Picked up this one at my local store and happily I'm back in business with straightening my hair on some days! They carry Supergoop which is a broad spectrum sun defense skincare.  With summer around the corner you need to pick some up for sure!

 I purchase all my hair products there and last week at the store saw this display!  Yes…. Butter London is now at Beauty Brands.  Hello pretty pedicures!

The real reason I was in Beauty Brands was to try out a new line of makeup they carry.  Laura Geller ,a renowned make-up artist she loved beautiful things from an early age.  She is  know for her baked products, which continue to differentiate the brand from other traditional powders on the market today. Beginning as swirls of liquid pigments, (doesn't that just sound fun) each product is baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, then hand-finished in Italy. The resulting creamy powder feels weightless on the skin. Without additional binders, the colors are more vibrant, delivering better coverage with less product.

 I was invited to meet with a makeup artist and try a few products from the line.  Little did I know I was in for a treat.  A full facial.  I will skip all the details to the facial and share the makeup.  We samples eyebrow pencils to eyeliners until the right shade for my complexion was matched.  It was a great experience even though to be completely honest here... because I always am... I was Leary to try a makeup new to me!  I'm a freak I know!  From tinted face primer to bronzer... and green eye liner to pink lip crayons I loved Every. Single. Thing!  If I had to share two main things from this experience it is always use a face primer under your foundation,  and sometimes that eye concealer you thought was helping was really not a help at all! 

Right now Beauty Brands has a special  Laura Geller  gift set purchase for $39 valued at $150.  That is a great deal just in time for Mother's Day too!

So many pretty lip colors too!

Blush and Brighten    Spackle  Eye Shadows   Mascara   Bronze and Brighten    Lip crayons 

All the ladies that were invited to the event were gifted a bag full of  Laura Geller goodies.  I bought a few extra things as well and all week have gotten several compliments on how my face is glowing and my eye make up looks fab.  (Her words not mine)  and they had no idea about the facial event.  I have to agree... I think it looks pretty fab too!

This is the after from the facial.  It's an organized mess for sure! 

And this is straight off my phone no filter!  I have to say.... I like it!!

Although I was gifted a goodie bag, this is not a sponsored post and I am sharing  my own experience and was not obligated to post about it.  I am a loyal Beauty Brands customer and now a Laura Geller fan!

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  1. I ADORE Laura Gellar and her products- have been a huge faked of her stuff for years. Her baked bronze 'n brighten is one of the best. :) You look lovely here, lady!


    1. I am her latest fan. It is all amazing. I love how the whole facial came out and could use this pic as a head shot I think too! Thanks.

  2. Beautiful!! I want to try! PS - Supergoop is AMAZING and I am so happy we have a local source for it now. It's great for the kiddos too as it applies quickly and doesn't leave that gross film that most sunscreens do.

    1. Aww, thanks Sarah. Have missed seeing you! I am def picking up some Supergoop for the grandbabies this summer!


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