Mother's Day Weekend

May 09, 2014

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have wonderful Mother's Day plans either for yourself or with your special momma!  My oldest son still calls me momma while my other two boys call me mom, or when they are frustrated I will hear "Mother"!???? I just think  it is cute to here "momma" out of my 26 year old son's mouth!  He's still my baby! All my boys will be home this weekend with their families for a hopefully sunny weekend.  The boys have plans to go to NASCAR while the girls have plans to shop!!!  Sounds like a win for me!  I am looking forward to planting a few things in my yard, watching all the boys play, and spending some quality time with my family.  I might even get a little color on the old shoulders too on Sunday!  We plan on going to the zoo for Mother's Day! Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday with a fun outfit!

I want to make this for summer. The perfect beach accessory!

Loving this wedge.

This necklace needs to become a staple for me this summer.

 Thinking I might  need a pair of these!

 I decided I needed a pair of these only to find out when I tried them on I was needing a half size... and they only come whole sizes.  So instead... I will be getting these!  No surprise there I'm sure!  

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