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June 12, 2014

I'd like to say I have been taking time to stop and smell the roses.... or perhaps on vacation, but truth be told I have been trudging thru the waters of life trying my best to keep my head above water.  The radio silence on my blog is deafening to me at times and I hate it. I wish I could pour it all out, and someone out there in Internet land can fix all that is wrong in my world.... but If wishes came true I could fix it myself... right? 

Thank you for still being here.  I promise I will be back to regularly posting next week!  I have some colorful outfits to share.  So, again I am back with a post and a bright moment in the week.  It's Thursday and my friend is coming back to work today after a 3 month maternity leave.  We have missed her dearly and cannot wait to share with her all the funnies she missed, catch her up on the inside jokes, like the day Jen walked in and declared she was going vegan,  and hear all her sweet baby stories.  But at the same time my heart aches for her leaving her bundle of joy for the first time and venturing back to work.  It's difficult to transition the first few weeks and I know her mind will wonder.  I remember when my little guys were babies... then toddlers.  Next thing you know they are graduating preschool and off to kindergarten!  You blink and they are a freshman... then BAM its graduation day.  Welcome to the real world son! I don't know if I would want to go back, but I do wish I could give them shields to protect them from the world!  And maybe a cape! Ha!

I have been busy and still all at the same time. The guest bath is currently being redecorated.  It wasn't a plan... rather a small leak undetected for gosh knows how long, then a plumber to fix said leak... then curling floor... hence we then ripped up and the wallpaper stripped from the walls as well.  Might as well re do it all right?  Not what I wanted to be doing right now, but I am at least taking a few pics and will share the new bath when we complete it.  Here is what it looked like this weekend. yuck right?  It was a black rice cloth wallpaper that I have since stripped the remaining off and cut part of the floor up to be replaced. 

Tonight is the KC Blogger Meet up quarterly meeting and it has been way too long since I have seen some of my local blogger friends.  I am a board member and the current sponsorship chair.  We have some great giveaways and fun things planned I know the girls are going to love!  If you are interested in sponsoring our next workshop or meet up drop me an email and I will get you all the sponsorship information to you.  

Hooray for Thursday!  

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  1. Life is tough sometimes, but it's nice to have a great support system :) Can't wait to see you tonight!

    26 and Not Counting

  2. Oh man! I totally forgot about that meet up. I have a Trunk Show tonight otherwise I would be there. XOXO drinks soon!


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