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June 19, 2014

I shared several month back I wanted to clean my closet... I mean really clean it out.  I walk in and sometimes sit down on a stool in my closet and just look around.  Decisions need to be made and sometimes they don't come easy.  So I sit... and I collaborate within my closet to see what gets to stay and what gets tossed.  My sister's always love when I clean out my closet, it's a score for them for sure! I have actually cleaned a lot out.  I found that it allows me to update and expand rather than hang on to what you have a great memory attached to.  I had alot of things in my closet that I would never... ever... see myself wearing again.  But in that off chance, in a weird turn of events that I would somehow need endless amounts of halter tops, or strappy tanks, or even heels that could help me reach the sky I would be prepared!! I am proud of the process and it is cathartic to move forward discarding, updating and adding new pieces. 

I found this ikat maxi at Marshalls and knew it was coming home with me. It is an easy addition to my closet.  I can dress it up or down.  Then one thing I do differently when shopping now that I am older is I do a quick cost per use wear, and can I utilize it for work.  It doesn't make sense to purchase something at a higher price point that I can not wear to the office.  I do occasionally splurge on a few items I just have to have, but overall it must be office friendly. I wore this outfit with a white cardigan to the office (remember the no denim rule) but quickly switched it up a fashion notch with my new jean jacket.   Maybe I should share my blog with the execs and let them see how denim really can be your friend at the office!  haha! What new items have you aded lately to your closet? 





Skirt - (Options here, love this dress) Jean Jacket Exact , Tank, Scarf options here here and here, Sandals exact and love these,  bracelet options here and here, sunnies exact and luvvvv these,  Clutch 

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  1. Cute outfit! I am so going to order that Zappo's scarf with the blue pom's. So cute!!


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