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June 26, 2014

Do you have a color that makes you feel good?  Mine is pink.  I gravitate to it... and leopard, but that's a neutral right?  I picked up this scarf at Nordstrom a week or so ago.  It actually was on the mannequin and I disrobed her!  Sorry...not sorry!  My scarf collection is growing rather large and I think I need another, (third) scarf hanger.  Do you find yourself drawn to scarves as well?  They are so easy to add to an otherwise plain outfit.  These pants are from Ann Taylor last year and you know I like to get plenty of use out of fun pants so this scarf was a perfect accessory.  Layer up the pink and let her go!





Leather wrap bracelet (Exact) ~ Bead bracelets (Love these) ~ Tassel Bracelets (Similar) ~ Wrist let c/o ~ Sandals Exact, love this color as well ~ Pants options here and here ~ Tee ~ Scarf exact, love this, and this too

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  1. Leopard is absolutely a neutral in my book, too! :)
    Happy Thursday!



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