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July 01, 2014

Remember when I posted about the painting mishap with the gray not blue walls?  Well I had enough of the blue... yes it took me over three years to tackle this repainting project, but I finally did it.  It started out as a plan to just do the hallway.  Simple enough and small enough.  But the problem is where the hallway ends and the great room begins the walls intersect into one.  I didn't really have that detail of the plan worked out just yet but all I knew was I was ready to paint the blue gone.  My son taped the entire hallway off and begin the project for me to help out.  I really appreciated his help especially since I ended up taking on the entire hallway, upstairs entry, downstairs entry, and the stairwell.  Yup... it all is connected.  

The fist set of pictures is the hallway.  Simple enough right? 

But then you get to the end and the ceiling pitches to about 16 feet.  See that in the first pic? Yeah, its way up there on a ladder.  And the second pic looking over the door is the main entry and that wall on the left, yup, that's a staircase!  And let's not even mention the ugly entry light shall we! 
I painted, and stretched, and reached, and rolled, and cut in, and cut in some more until I was done.  I also was an advil popping fool at the end of every day this weekend.  These are the before and work in progress pics and I will be adding something new on the big wall  where currently you see the double flower pictures hanging over the stairs but not sure what yet.  Any suggestions?  I want something lighter I think than these bold flowers.   

Oh and by the way.... Joe is on vacation visiting a family member and has absolutely NO idea I have done this!  Won't he be surprised!!!!  He  has been wanting it done but it seemed like such a huge chore working around and over a set of stairs.  I have to agree.... it was!  I am glad I like this color because I'm never changing it again!  You can see a little of the color in the top pics of the hallway, and as soon as everything is back in place I will share the finished pictures.  

I also had my hair appointment this weekend.  I decided to cut 2 inches and she added some contrast to my highlights because it was seeming too bright.  I am so happy with how it turned out too.  What do you think of the color she added?  I think next time I will have her add a third color too... for just a little more dimension.   

I have been super busy at night and on the weekends lately.  I have a list of things I want to do and it just seems to keep growing!  If you saw last week in instagram my prints arrived for my gallery wall and I cannot wait to hand them up this weekend.  My bestie is coming in town for the long weekend for some good girl time and we will definitely be hanging them all up!  I'm so excited to reveal a peek at my office.  

So there you have it.  A packed two days full of color in my hair, on my hands and elbows and just about every where else, and those pretties framed for their new wall!  

And before I go, here is a little 4th of July decorations I whipped up last weekend with my mom and sister!  Super easy!   For a complete tutorial read this post.  Its the same process, just different colors! 

So what have you been up to?  

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