Sheer Blue

July 17, 2014

 I  mentioned last week that my best girl was back in town.  She took these pictures for me as we headed out for dinner on the plaza. We had a wonderful  long weekend catching up and just enjoying some girl time.  I cannot believe summer is half way over too!  I mentioned last year several times that I really wanted to add more color to my wardrobe.... and particularly the color blue.  Do you ever just look at your closet and feel it's missing a spectrum of the rainbow?  The good news is... I now find myself shopping for blues and greens, with pink always an option!  

 What I want to point out is this blouse is my first purchase from H&M.  I have mentioned before that I always felt like it was geared for much younger girls, and cut for them too.  Gayle talked me into giving them another try and I am glad I did.  We found this perfect longer blouse for wearing with legging.  I love that the shoulders are a full cut too so a strapless bra isn't necessary.  I layer my blouse over a lace bandeau, threw on my favorite wedges and it was a comfy outfit for a girls dinner, and for running around it's perfect with flats too.  I picked up several pieces form H&M and love them all.  I'm so glad I gave them another chance.  Now that's not to say I will always be this lucky there, but I will keep it as an option for sure!  Do you have a store that you pass on?  Maybe you should give them another look.... I'm glad I did!   

Blouse  (Options, options) ~ Shoes (Exact, These are great too) Leggings ~ Chain bracelet c/o ~ Loren Hope Bracelet ( exact, love this one) ~ Dainty blue bracelet c/o ~ Monogram necklace (Exact, Options here, and here)  ~ Single initial necklace c/o (options here, and here) ~ Polish


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  1. Foxy!! This color looks so great on you :)

    26 and Not Counting

  2. I may need to go pick up that blouse! It would be perfect for work!



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