Zoku Slush Maker

July 10, 2014

With the temperatures finally warming up cool refreshing treats are a must.   I like a frozen treat or drink but not always chunky icy treats.  Enter the Zoku Slush Maker.  I received my Zoku Slush and Shake maker a few weeks back from Zoku to try out and make a few fun treats with it.   With several colors to choose from I selected the blue. My son was all excited about it and was the first to want a shake. 
It is so simple and perfect for a quick frozen treat without a lot of fuss or dragging out a blender.  In a matter of less than 15 minutes you have a perfect treat.  I want to get one for each of my boys for gifts so when they want a sweet treat all they need to do is just add their favorite cold beverage and stir. 

First up is our raspberry limeade.  Fill the insert that you froze over night with your cold beverage.

Blue Zoku Slush Maker

Zoku Slushie

 Stir after a few minutes and continue stirring and scrapping the walls until you have this....

Zoku Limeade

Limeade in Zoku

Zoku Cherry Limeade

Pure sweet slush!

The next thing we made in our Zoku was a chocolate shake.  Want to know how simple it was?  We poured chocolate milk in up to the line and stirred and scraped the walls as it froze.  Less than 15 minutes we had a delish treat!

Chocolate Zoku Slush

Chocolate Slushie in Zoku

Zoku Slusk Maker with Chocolate milk

This little guy couldn't get enough! 

Zoku has a wide assortment of fabulous products for cooling you down for the hot summer and enjoying a sweet treat or two! 

 Shop some of their other great products below. 

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