Baked Zucchini bites

August 18, 2014

Today I am sharing a snack I made over the weekend.  It was easy and yummy.  I am a vegetarian so when we go out to eat for Italian... I generally order eggplant parmesan.  I have mastered the art of breading and baking my own eggplant at home and I make a delicious layered baked eggplant that my family loves!  So I used the same technique I use for eggplant and tried it with zucchini.  I am so glad I tried it! I hope you love them too! 


  • 2 zucchinis 
  • 3 eggs 
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups bread crumbs ( I used Italian seasoned crumbs)
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Parchment paper

Slice your zucchini.  I used my corrugated slicer but a good old knife will work too.  Next lay them out on a paper towel and lightly salt both sides of the slices.  arrange them on the paper towel in rows and cover with another paper towel.  The salt works to draw the moisture out of the slices so they are able to absorb the breading mixture better. Let the slices sit while you prepare the breading and dredging! 

Turn your oven on to 400 to preheat.

I used plates to coat and bread my slices, but a bowl will work too.  Measure out your ingredients and add the parmesan cheese to the bread crumb mixture.   You should add a little salt and pepper to your flour as well. Beat the eggs in a small bowl.   You are now ready to dredge!  

If you have never breaded anything before don't worry... it's easy, messy... but easy! I suggest you use one hand for dry mixture and the other hand for wet mixture.  That way you don't end up breading your fingers too!  Take the slices one at a time and coat them in the flour tapping off excess.  Now drop it in the egg and use your designated wet hand to pick it up and place it in the bread mix.  With your dry hand cover and pat the bread crumb mixture on the slices then place them in rows on your baking sheet. 

Bake them for 25 minutes turning them over half way thru.  Serve them up warm with a blue cheese or ranch dip!  Enjoy!

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