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August 20, 2014

This weeks favorites is an eclectic assortment of sorts, but favorites for sure!   I recently ordered new business cards and this metallic card case would be perfect for them in my bag.  While we are on the subject of bags... can we stop and just love this cross body?  I love it, and as you know I have been searching for a great cross body that is versatile but still super stylish!  Love this and it comes in several colors too!  

I know by now you have seen this tee around... And for some of you I'm sure its a true statement.    This is a graphic tee I would definitely put on to run errands on a weekend looking super cute but a little bit sassy too! !  Love it!  This charm bracelet reminds me of one my mother wears.  It has always been a favorite of mine when she wears it... even though I am sure it must be heavy, not to mention, you are not at all quiet with it on either.  I definitely have this in my want list and every time I wear it i will think of my mom!  Now I know several of you have starting thinking of fall, and there is a piece of me that is a teensy bit ready too.  I love slip on shoes, and my favorites are mules.  These take the cake!  Absolutely love the detailing in gold on them and could get in the mood for fall at lot faster in these babies!  Happy Wednesday! 

Shop this post of my favorites along with a few other below! 

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