August 07, 2014

What a month this has been so far.  If you have by some chance missed the fact that this is my birthday month... let me catch you up today!!!!  My birthday was this past Sunday and I turned 50!   The celebrating started the day before on Saturday with a facial at Nordstrom with Smashbox cosmetics.  Shanna the makeup artist, did a fabulous job on my makeup and I now have a drawer full of Smashbox cosmetics too! I will share what I got later. 
There has been flowers, balloons, streamers, presents, cocktails, cake... and more cake... more presents and so much love and well wishes.  I feel loved to the core.  I am grateful for all the warm wishes and festivities everyone has taken part in so far and I thank all of you and you really do mean so much to me.  So here is a little recap of what has happened in the first week so far of the month!  Starting in the top left corner... Shanna, Michelle and I in Nordstrom at the Smashbox counter, One of my presents from Joe... that man has made this a birthday to remember for sure.... a few of my gifts from the girls at the office, I was surprised when I opened my office Tuesday to this,  we celebrated with sangria's on the Country club Plaza, cake... and more cake,  and flowers for my home.
The best birthday ever...!

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  1. Hope you had an amazing Birthday but from the looks of these pictures it seems you did.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I love how you celebrated and were celebrated. You have some very sweet people in your life :)


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