A Barn Reception

October 02, 2014

They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day.  It's also good luck if you see lady bugs on your wedding day.  But what if it rains on your wedding day, one of the windows in the barn where the reception is, is covered with lady bugs... and not one, but two rainbows appear?  That is exactly what happened last weekend at my nieces wedding. 

The barn was decorated beautifully.  You didn't even feel like you were in a barn.  There were cocktails flowing all evening and the dance floor was full of all kinds of moves!  The party carried out into the drive and down to the lower level of the barn even.  They  must have had over 250 guest, but that doesn't surprise me.    Rachel the bride, saw to every little detail with twinkle lights strung thru the barn, a buffet that was scheduled to have a different assortment of foods to carry thru the night, and even down to the glassware.   There was a table with medium and small kerr jars and gold sharpies.  Write your name on your jar and refill it all night!  It was a beautiful afternoon followed by a gorgeous evening.  The rain didn't slow us down... rather enhanced the evening.  Take a look at these photos I captured and see for yourself.  

This is the barn behind me where the reception was.  There were other barns on the land as well as horses which I will share with you with what I wore to the wedding.  The horses make a guest appearance!! 

This is my other niece...one of the brides sisters and a maid of honor.  Obviously her groomsman had a blast caring here into the event! This would be a true depiction of her personality too.  Fun and gregarious!

And this is the happy bride and groom.

A grainy iPhone pic of me and Rachel. 

Aaaaaanddddd... this is the flower girl and ring bearer.  Haha, their parents had no idea they were in the mud, and he was still wearing his new shoes from the wedding! 

No wedding would be complete without a pair of Tieks.  They saved my feet for sure! 

At the end of the evening Christy and  I took the limo back to out hotel! 

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  1. What a gorgeous, rustic, romantic wedding! LOVE your photos, Lisa!

  2. So pretty! Your photos are wonderful.

  3. These guys really worked within our budget to create an unforgettable wedding experience. My wife and I were beyond pleased with the service, especially day of.
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