The Wrap Dress

October 03, 2014

I shared my nature trail in Wisconsin and yesterday my niece's gorgeous barn reception. So today I am sharing what I wore to her wedding and reception. I asked for your advice a few weeks back regarding what to wear to a fall wedding in Minnesota.  All the responses I received were for a patterned dress. So I went shopping.   I found this wrap around dress at Nordstrom Rack and knew it was going to be perfect.  I loved the fact that it had sleeves since it was the beginning of fall but the dress was still light weight.  I added my pearl cluster necklace and bracelet to accessorize my outfit.  I already had a pair of black pumps so that was a no brainer to wear.  I also packed my Tieks ballet (the best decision) flats because I knew at some point in the evening my feet would be killing me.  I am so glad I had them.  

So lets talk about this little fella here who decided to join me in my outfit pics.  There were 4 or 5 horses on the farm and they were out for a while early in the evening.  They came running over to the gate and were so excited to see people.  This guy wanted me to do nothing but pat him... and when I stopped he nudged me.  

My  pretty momma wore a wrap dress too! 

And this picture here? with my eyes closed? yeah... that's me being nudged because I wasn't paying attention to him.

Shop this post below for my outfit and other favorites. 

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