Stripes and Tweed

October 23, 2014

I don't know what is growing more in my closet.... the leopard or the stripes!  Can you really ever have to many stripes or enough leopard? I don't think so!  Or enough pink!  I stepped a little out of my comfort zone with this Baublebar statement necklace and am so glad I did.  Although I am still not a fan of the statement necklaces (a personal preference for me) they look great every time I see someone wearing one.  The pop of pink ties the outfit together don't you think?

I do have a confession to make however, every time I see a style post around the internet a stylist puts together I often have to ask myself, Why did she leave the clutch empty?  It looks so fake and flat.  She should at least put something in her clutch to at least appear as if she is really carrying it rather than styling it!  Every time I see a post with a clutch that is empty I think ...what an oversight.  Now I bet your looking at my clutch here and thinking the same with me today.... but I ALWAYS have items in my clutch and it looks flat in all these pics.  So I have to stop judging all those style pics I see and give a little grace, because today my clutch looks like the ones I laugh at!!!!!

Sunnies ~ Necklace ~ Stripe top ~ Tweed skirt ~ Clutch c/o ~ Ropes Maine bracelet c/o ~ Slim Monogram bracelet ~ Shoes(love these)  

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