DIY Beads

March 23, 2012

I recently came across a designer whose beaded bracelets were to die for. Ok maybe not die for, but swoon over for sure.   I ordered a few of her bracelets but began thinking about all the beads I own from years back when the bestie and I were into making jewelry.  I dug out the container from the back of the closet to see if there where any that would work.  There were several colors and stones to chose from.  I decided to use the red coral, turquoise, carnelian, polished green shell, and sterling.  I can't wait to stack them with the ones I ordered.  I will be posting pics of them as soon as they arrive.  But for now here are the bracelets I made.  

 All you need to make your own bracelets are a few items.  I had this pair of small wire snips but you can use scissors.  The stretch magic is an elastic cording for beading found at any craft store. ( I got mine at Hobby Lobby) and beads.  I recommend finding a bead store in your area that carries a large selection of  natural stone beads as well as glass beads. Most craft stores will not carry natural stone beads.   String the beads on the cording, measure to fit your arm, tie off, add a drop of glue and you have new arm candy! 

All photos by Lisa

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