March 30, 2012


I want this bed.  I love it! I first spotted it while shopping in Z Gallerie a while back.  I have thought about it every since.  The problem is that there is nothing wrong with the bed I currently own.  Even though it is a darker wood large  four poster bed, there is nothing wrong with it.  I just think I have grown tired of it.  I have had it for almost ten years now.   When I pointed this bed out to the BF he didn't actually love it the same way I did either.  I think it is a tad bit feminine for his taste to rest in every night!!  I would settle, well maybe not settle but rather change my direction and opt for a more tailored look.  I have even started researching a little DIY nailtrim headboard.  No tufting for this DIYer however.   I will let you know if that idea makes it off the drawing board.  I love all the variations to creating a shape for your headboard. 

Michelle over at 4 Men 1 Lady has a wonderful tufted bed.  I I love the way she makes the leather pop with the dark walls and dark blanket. 

all images via Decor Pad unless otherwise noted

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