March 27, 2012

I love technology. From the ease of your remote to the speed of your ability to find out who directed a film off the internet or even your phone.  I use email all day in my profession.  We rely on it as a means of communication.  But after three, four, and sometimes five emails all on the same topic it time to get up and have a face to face conversation.  I feel the same way about writing a letter.  Sure you could draft a quick thank you email, or even send out Evites to your friends, but nothing takes the place of an old fashion card or invitation in the mail.  Something to be said for the handwritten gesture and the true connection you feel from the tangible card.  I love stationary.  I have several styles.  Mostly all with my monogram.  I still write hand written notes to friends and family.  My poor teenage son last year at summer camp said he was the only one who got pretty stationary from home!!  (He was a little embarrassed I think) Inslee has a style that speaks to me.  She offers stationary, invitations, prints, and even commissioned work.  Wow.  Her yearly calendar sells out rapidy.  I will be watching for her 2013 calendar to debut later in the summer in hopes to get one.  

Don't you just love them all?
What are you waiting for?  Hop on over to Inslee and order your stationary.  Oh and if you throw a party.. send me one of these fancy invites as well!!

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