March 06, 2012

I'm in love with LOVE..........

I ordered this wonderful poster from Jen at Made By Girl and love it!  I had seen it for some time on her blog and  all the ways others have displayed theirs.  It is so sleek in the silver.  Mine is not matted but only in a silver frame.  A simple look.   Ikea makes a wonderful frame that would be perfect for this.  Unfortunately we don't have a store anywhere in the state.  Whats up with that Ikea?  If I decide to matte it I will post a pic. For now this is the frame its is in.   Love it!  We are in the process of painting the office and redecorating the room.  I will be hanging in the office when it is complete and posting all the pics of the redecorated room as soon as we are done.  

It is available in many colors.  Here it is matted and framed in the gold. 

Jen has many wonderful posters at her Made By Girl site.  But what I really am admiring these days is an original piece of her art.  She runs Cocoa and Hearts where she sells her original artwork.  Check out her blog! And her art!

This is called Love Language.  I think I have a spot for this as well.  

Next on my list is this beauty.  She is currently sold out, but has recently posted there are new ones coming soon.  I want this for my office.   I have the perfect spot for this next to my desk!   I love the pinks, of course!

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