97 years

August 02, 2012

That is my youngest grandson's hand and my grandmother's hand.  A span of 5 generations! My grandmother turns 97 today!  Her birthday is the day before mine and I grew up always celebrating together with her.  I learned so much from these hands.  While they are no longer smooth and straight, they tell a story.  A story of family, love, and life.  She has raised 6 kids, is the grandmother to 18, great grandmother of 19, and great great grandmother to 7.   Yes, I am from a large family! She has taught so many valuable lessons thru the years to so many generations.  She is a true blessing.  She may not move as fast as she once did, and see as clear, but she will hear a pin drop from the other room and let you know it!

She taught me how to make homemade applesauce from apples in her own orchard. I learned how to make pie crust, and gravy in her kitchen.   She could make a mean fried chicken every Sunday afternoon, and we all loved her homemade pies.  Spending the night was always a treat growing up.  She would make root beer floats with you, and let you stay up later than you should playing a fun  game of cards, and would always help you win if you could, and later became a domino queen! She has lived longer than my Grandpa whom she was married to for 70 years, and all her siblings but one.  So I remind the BF often...... there is a good chance I will be around for a long time!   Longevity runs in my family! 

This is my Grandmother in the middle when she was a little girl with my Great Grandparents.  
 Here she is the day she graduated from school.  

 And her she is last month for the 4th of July.  
Now if you will excuse me, I will eat the seven macarons I purchased in honor of her birthday!! (Well my birthday is tomorrow, so its only fitting.)

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  1. Happy birthday to your grandma and also to you Lisa! I hope you pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate with all those you love!


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