Painted Bird

August 30, 2012

Let your true self soar in Painted Bird Shoe whether for work, play, or just a day around town. Easy to throw on and run around, or style with a solid maxi for just the right splash of color!   I came across these fun colorful handmade shoes and think they would transition perfectly into fall with a pair of boyfriend jeans!  Can't wait to get a pair! 

Friends, designers, and creators, Jennifer Samson and nicole Halpern, two veterans in the fashion industry,  combined their experience in the luxury fashion market, lifestyle television, and the surf industry, to create a a product born out of a passion for chic and easy fashion. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Samson, co owner of The Painted Bird and ask her to share a little bit of history and vision.  I hope you find them as fun and colorful as I do!  
1.  What made you take the plunge and start your own line?
We have always talked about starting something...and when this opportunity came, we jumped! It was fate and now with a lot of hard work, Painted Bird has taken flight!
2.  Can you tell me a little bit about the process and how the shoes are made?
We select the colors and create the patterns amd then send that to our maufacturer in India. The crochet material is a silk/rayon thread that is hand dyed in chemical free dye and then each pair of Painted Bird shoes are crocheted by a group of women in India that we are proud to support! 
Soles are rubber, insole is leather.
3.  Where can Painted Bird sandals be purchased?
         Painted Bird shoes can be purchased on our website at

4.  Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years? 
        We plan to continue to grow our brand slowly and organically. We will be launching               
        children's shoes in 2013. We are so excited about that! There will be a wonderful        
        charity tie in  for the children's shoes that we are so excited about and we will 
        announce that when we launch the kids line. Colors and styles of our  line will 
        change with each season. The shoes are a bit addicting, so we want to fill the need 
        and offer many different colors to satisfy the demand!
5.  If someone wanted to keep up with your latest styles and whats happening, how can they do that?
Simply log on to our website and join on mailing list, and also follow us on Facebook  shoppaintedbird, Twitter @shoppaintedbird, and Instagram. We also have a Pinterest page! Shoppaintedbird
Thanks Jennifer!  

Take advantage of their Labor Day weekend sale Starting Friday and save 25% off your order thru Monday!  Hurry on over and grab yourself a pair or two! 

All images used with permission

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