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August 27, 2012

I was out of town all last week on business.  It was a road trip rather than an air trip!  I traveled into Western Kansas thru vast plains of corn fields and emptiness.  It was over 4 hours  to my destination so there was plenty of time to take in the sites! ha!   I referred to my location as between a haystack, and a corn field because thats what it seemed like to me.  My route took my thru the little town of Ellsworth Kansas.  You know, the town Rascal Flatts made famous!! Anyway, as I was driving thru this little town I came around a bend to another field, only this time it was a field of sunflowers!  It was a beautiful yellow blanket of flowers!!   They were standing tall and reaching for the sun!  By the time it registered with me that It would be a great photo, I didn't have a place to turn around. 

 So I decided that on my return drive home I would watch for the field and stop this time!  Fast forward to Friday and my drive home!  I watched cautiously around every bend for my field of flowers.  I was beginning to think I either missed it, or was on a different route home when I came over the hill and there she was.  All yellow and bright!!  I pulled over and grabbed my camera.  I trudged thru the field weaving thru the tall flowers trying to capture the spendor of the flowers.  What I realized was that it was just enough over cast that they were not reaching as far for the sun.   So here I stand, in the middle of a sunflower field, on the side of the highway, alone with my camera wishing the wind would at least stop long enough for me to capture a few! 

So next time your traveling in south western Kansas, and you pass thru Ellsworth Kansas, look for the sunflower field,  Its just under the water tower!  

Here are a few other glimpse's of my week! 

The charm of this little town with brick streets! 

I skyped with this silly girl for 4 hours, and this is what I saw most of the time!! haha! 

And I worked on a few projects once I was home that I can't wait to share one of them with you!  How was your weekend? 

Photos by Lisa

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