Birthday Recap

August 06, 2012

I celebrated my Birthday last Friday!  I took the day off and spent it eating and shopping on the Plaza.  It was a great day.  We enjoyed sushi and wine at Kona, then a birthday red velvet cupcake!  We even ran into old friends we had not seen in over a year.  Such a joy! 

 We then met my sister and her family for dinner and drinks and spent the evening enjoying games.  My sister experimented with a new cocktail to try.  She made cotton candy martinis, and they are sweet.  I usually like sweet things, but these are almost too sweet even for me! My sister gave me a skull scarf for my birthday that I love, and I will have fun styling it soon! 

I mention the Plaza often so I thought I might describe what "The Plaza" actually is.  Located south of downtown Kansas City, it is approximately 18 blocks of shopping.  With shops like, J Crew, H & M, Sperry, Burberry, and Hall's just to name a few. It is sidewalk shopping, so you stroll from store front to store front admiring the windows and people.  There is a Starbucks so you can pick up your favorite beverage, or stop and have lunch at my personal favorite Kona Grill, or Brio and sit out on their patios.  When I lived in Tulsa we had a similar shopping area I really enjoyed know as Utica Square.  The difference is, The Plaza is about 10 times larger!! 

The rest of the weekend was spend relaxing and catching up on a few things around the house.  I caught this shot of a double rainbow Saturday evening.  Isn't it bright?  I could see the entire bottom rainbow across the sky.  

My mom is coming to visit next week to spend some time so I needed to get an idea of all the fun things we will do while she is here.  She is a real mover and shaker!  Not a shopper and a luncher, but a project and a crafter kinda mom.  I am hoping to have some new DIY'er ideas soon for you guys!  

I am spending today at The Nationals Golf Club. It is a magnificent course designed by Tom Watson.  No, I do not play golf, I am attending a charity event.  I will instagram pics of the day to share.   How was your weekend? 

Photos by Lisa

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  1. I'm glad you had a fun birthday on the Plaza! I've been to the Plaza several times this summer but I haven't really taken a day just to enjoy it--I need to before it's too late!


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