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September 30, 2014

Traveling can be tricky sometimes.  If you're leaving a warm destination for a colder location, you arrive under dressed.  If you're leaving a colder climate for a warmer, (which is generally the case) you arrive bundled up and bulky.  I have never been a traveler to throw on sweats and go sans makeup and ponytail.  No.... you never know who you will run into in an airport and looking put together just feels better.   You also never know if your airport or plane is going to be cold or hot so a scarf to wrap up with or take of is a great accessory to travel with.  Comfy shoes to slip out of, or run between flights is a must too!  Are you a sweats and pony tail traveler, or are you like me and put yourself together?   I was once stopped in an airport with "three" carry on, just like I am here.  The security attendant made me show her that my bag would fit in my tote to prove it was a "two bag limit"!  I always make sure I can add my bag to the top of my tote to prove my point if need be!  I'm a rebel like that!!! Ha!





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  1. I recently traveled with just my carry on bag and tote (my purse fit in it ;) ) and it was SO nice! Being able to head off to wherever you're going without waiting luggage is refreshing.

    26 and Not Counting

    1. I agree. I rarely travel that light so it was a nice change for me! xo


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